Angelo Cardona condemns attacks of Russia against Ukraine

Angelo Cardona condemns attacks of Russia against Ukraine

The world is submerged in a sea of pain and tears. It’s not just Ukraine; it is also Colombia, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, and many other places where the blood of innocents who have been taken to war is being shed. Today I condemn all conflicts and the deaths they cause and I hope that from now on we can condemn war in any corner of the world.

The conflict in Ukraine allows us to see how vile a war can become and the concern of the possible involvement of other arms powers in it. Now we can feel more than ever how lethal the weapons that these nations hold can be, and why our fight must be against their production and manufacture.

Today it hurts me more than ever every missile, every bomb, and every death that is caused by a war that neither the Ukrainians nor the Russians have asked for, but which has been engineered by those who vilely hold power.

What hurts me the most is the apathy and indifference of many, reading comments and analysis trying to find who is to blame. The current conflict cannot be understood without the historical context of Ukraine and NATO.

As a pacifist; No matter how “valid” the arguments for taking up a weapon may seem, violence and confrontation could never be a viable solution to the conflict. The false security narrative promoted by organizations such as NATO, and of all superpowers, is precisely what does not allow us to live in a world in peace. More weapons can only mean more tensions, more war, and more death.

Dialogue and a diplomatic solution must be the only way out of this confrontation. We cannot fall into the discourse of those who hold power; Or let them get away with it.

We can all play a role in de-escalating this confrontation. What can you do from where you are to help de-escalate the confrontation?

1. Find out about the current situation in the country and its history. I recommend you follow independent journalists in the field. I can suggest Nataliya Gumenyuk (@ngumenyuk) and Olga Tokariuk (@olgatokariuk) however, I leave it to your discretion, the important thing is that you inform yourself.

2. Contact your Representative in Parliament or Congress to demand disciplinary measures against Russia, such as embargoes, sanctions, freezing of assets, etc. in order to put pressure on the withdrawal of Russian troops.

3. Please stop stigmatizing the people of Russia, because they don’t want war either — it has been imposed on them by those in power.

4. Help those who have had to leave the country and leave everything behind. If you have the possibility to donate, donate to one of the entities that are in the field, such as: -Vostok SOS (
– People in need (
– Children’s voices (

5. Join in solidarity with the peaceful protests that are organized around the world in solidarity with Ukraine.

You too can join in the fight to de-escalate the conflict.

Article Published by the International Press Agency – Pressenza